Janelle Hoffman

Resident Faculty


Hello, My name is Janelle Hoffman, I'm the Program Director, Academic Advisor and Faculty Member in the Hospitality & Tourism Development Program at Scottsdale Community College. I have taught at SCC for over 20 years. I have over 15 years of hospitality management experience in sales and marketing. I love teaching and advising, if you have questions about our program please contact me I would be happy to assist you. We have both certificates and associate degrees that provide a path for transfer for a bachelor's degree in the areas of; hotel, restaurant, golf, spa & wellness center management, and tourism development. We also offer a certificate in meeting and event management.

As a Program Director, my responsibilities include department organization, administration, periodic review, continued development, and general quality and effectiveness. Leadership role in the continued development of the program, including procedures required by the accreditation review process. Program management specific duties include; curriculum development, hiring, and evaluation of adjunct faculty, planning, budgeting and marketing of program certificates (CCL) and associate degrees (AAS) in HRM.

I look forward to seeing you in the classroom!


Course # Class Section Semester Course Title Course Syllabus
HRM120 32704 Fall 2022 Hotel Facility Management
HRM170 34843 Fall 2022 Hospitality Healthcare Mgt
HRM250 32156 Fall 2022 Hospit/Tour Info Sy II
HRM270 32271 Fall 2022 Hospitality Marketing
HRM120 25096 Spring 2023 Hotel Facility Management
HRM160 25106 Spring 2023 Tour Principle and Pract
HRM250 25100 Spring 2023 Hospit/Tour Info Sy II
HRM270 25101 Spring 2023 Hospitality Marketing
HRM295AC 26073 Spring 2023 Hospitality Internship
Janelle Hoffman
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