Ashley Holian

Resident Faculty


I am a Culinary Arts instructor based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. I began my career with Marriott hotels while still in high school as a banquet prep cook and quickly worked my way up the line. I cross-trained in front-of-the-house operations, banquet serving and bar-tending, bar management, and room service operations, but ultimately found my way back to working in banquets as a lead. During my time with Marriott, I began my second career path with Sweet Republic Ice Cream heading up their ice cream production and confections creations. During my time there, I developed new flavors, experimented with confections and helped build and expand the business by working with local chefs to create specialty flavors for their individual restaurants. In 2011, I shifted my career path and took my expertise and knowledge to the classroom and began teaching at Chaparral High School. I reformatted the existing culinary program and streamlined it to coincide with Scottsdale Community College's program. The program pulled away from home cooking and began focusing on culinary fundamentals and job skill training. 

I am a proud alumnae of Scottsdale Community College's Culinary Arts Program, and as such, look forward to providing the same incredible opportunities that were offered to me.


Course # Class Section Semester Course Title Course Syllabus
CUL120 34954 Fall 2022 Food Cost/Purch/Invent
CUL120 31667 Spring 2023 Food Cost/Purch/Invent
CUL170 31920 Fall 2022 Dining Room Operations I
CUL170 34768 Fall 2022 Dining Room Operations I
CUL120 38614 Fall 2022 Food Cost/Purch/Invent
CUL170 25092 Spring 2023 Dining Room Operations I
CUL170 31677 Spring 2023 Dining Room Operations I
Ashley Holian
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