Gayl Howell

Adjunct Faculty


I have been teaching in some capacity since 1992, and I was a Post Baccalaureate student to education. I began my journey toward education while raising two sons (who are now 43 and 41 - Oh My!). While I was in the midst of that time in my life, I earned a Masters in Counseling and became a Certified Expressive Art Therapist. I have worked in counseling since 1988, specializing in grief, chronic illness, and stress management.

I became involved in education through the "backdoor". I was the consummate volunteer parent and president of Scottsdale School's Arts in Educational Council. In 1991 Scottsdale Schools began taking a serious look at brain-based education and asked me to sit on a 20 member council that had the rare opportunity to envision how a brain-based school would look. The committee worked tirelessly in its vision and research, and actually saw the fruits of its labor when Aztec Elementary opened its doors to students in 1993. My psychology and expressive art background seemed to blend well with this new vision in education, so I struggled back into college for a teaching certification and ultimately a second master’s in education, focusing on curriculum and instruction. I have worked as a K-6 Art Instructor, a middle school Language Arts and Humanities teacher, and as a high school Service Learning, Social Studies, Student Government and English teacher. I went on to earn endorsements in ELL and Reading K2.

My past educational position was as the Secondary Language Arts Curriculum Specialist for Scottsdale schools. I held that position for seven years, then decided to take a GIANT leap of faith and changed from Scottsdale Unified School District to the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community Schools. I have finished my tenth year with the Salt River Community Schools as their Curriculum & Instruction Specialist and Professional Development leader. I have worked a great deal with Title I schools, but this is my first time working with a Native American Title I school; it is very humbling. I have learned a great deal working with the Community and their children and most importantly have learned about teaching children with trauma. My interest in trauma and resilience expanded into earning the hours required to achieve a Certification as a Trauma and Resilience Practitioner in Education. It is eye opening.

In my "spare" time I also teach as an adjunct faculty member for Scottsdale Community College. I have to share with you that I love my work...I sincerely get up every day looking forward to the adventure unfolding, and teaching truly is an adventure - it is dynamic, joyful, sorrowful, heartfelt, hectic, ennobling, tiring, collegial, compassionate and most importantly soul-fulfilling. I can guarantee you will never be bored. I don't tend to have much "down" time, but when I do, I enjoy time with my husband and our dogs. We love to travel, and our travels usually take us to family and grandchildren ~ six total :-) I believe our time together will be beneficial to our growth as educators in process. Sincerely ~ Gayl


Course # Class Section Semester Course Title Course Syllabus
EDU272 32645 Fall 2022 Educational Psychology
Gayl Howell

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