Angelo Sapienza

Adjunct Faculty


Angelo has spent the last two decades identifying as a Bboy and self-trained dancer, having received formal dance training and several degrees from Arizona State University. Instructor, choreographer, competitor, performance artist, poet and photographer, his pursuit of so many avenues speak to the devotion of his creative engine. He has choreographed for and performed with professional groups including, Jacob Jonas The Company, EPIK Dance Company, and The Sacred G’s. Angelo and his choreographed works have been on platforms including the NBA pregame show and the NBA halftime show. Dance credits include Red Bull, Microsoft, PayPal, Budweiser, Phillip Morris, Yahoo!, and JanSport. As an educator, he has served as Faculty Associate at ASU, and as Faculty Adjunct at five Maricopa Community Colleges. 

Over the years his movement artistry has been informed by Breaking, Yoga, Hand Balance, Experimental, and other street and club dance styles. They kneaded into a diverse practice, leading to the cross-pollination of something unique: A style unlike any other, and fresh presentation of creative, dynamic, intentional multidisciplinary performance art. 

One outcome, Bodyknots & Balances, Angelo founded in 2019 to establish and brand the language for a phenomenon that he and movement artists across the world have been exploring. Taking this kind of body art a step further, Angelo intersects his unique shapes with photography, environmental psychology, and poetry to generate powerful imagery.

Angelo is in the process of creating a poetry book that speaks to his life's journey from injury to recovery, overcoming a motorcycle accident that handicapped him and damaged his spine in 2019. He is currently developing a movement technique that he calls Framing, and he is collaborating on several multimedia and performance arts projects and grant ventures. In the fall of 2021, he began graduate school at ASU to obtain an MFA in Dance.

"Body is my medium; in motion and in stillness, in each fleeting moment, it generates my art."


Course # Class Section Semester Course Title Course Syllabus
DAN102AA 32141 Fall 2022 Hip Hop I
DAN102AA 25065 Spring 2023 Hip Hop I
Angelo Sapienza
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