Lisa Thorngren

Adjunct Faculty


Lisa Thorngren (MFA, BS) is an Adjunct Faculty in Dance at Scottsdale Community College, teaching technique, professional promotion, and humanities, and specializing in Dance Kinesiology. Lisa is also the owner of Synapse in Motion, and she works out of Kinesphere Center for Movement Education in Phoenix to help people improve their movement and health. Since receiving her MFA in 2008, she has received certifications in Pilates, Neurokinetic Therapy® and as a Restorative Exercise Specialist through Nutritious Movement. Lisa is taking coursework with Z-Health® Performance to study the applications of neuroscience and pain science to movement and has completed R-, I-, S-, T-Phase and Structure certifications. She has taught numerous courses and workshops in applied neuroscience for dancers at previous NDEO, ACDA and PAMA conferences.


Course # Class Section Semester Course Title Course Syllabus
DAH250 16723 Summer 2022 Dance in Popular Culture
DAH250 32299 Fall 2022 Dance in Popular Culture
DAH250 32709 Fall 2022 Dance in Popular Culture
DAN150 32129 Fall 2022 Dance Performance I
DAN155 32140 Fall 2022 Dance Performance II
Lisa Thorngren
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