Robert Kline

Resident Faculty


Bob has worked in the field of health, fitness and exercise for over 40 years.  Much of that time was spent supervising the personal training division of a large chain of fitness centers.  He earned an M.S. degree in Exercise Physiology from Arizona State University in 1987 and has been at Scottsdale Community College since 2010.

He is Co-Director of the Personal Training program at SCC and teaches a variety of Exercise Science and Health classes.


Course # Class Section Semester Course Title Course Syllabus
HES100 16558 Summer 2022 Healthful Living
HES100 31878 Fall 2022 Healthful Living
HES100 31898 Fall 2022 Healthful Living
EXS125 16699 Summer 2022 Intro to Exercise Physiology
EXS101 31897 Fall 2022 Intro to Exercise Science
EXS125 32080 Fall 2022 Intro to Exercise Physiology
EXS125 33093 Fall 2022 Intro to Exercise Physiology
EXS215 36472 Fall 2022 Resistance/Recovery Techniques
EXS215 36475 Fall 2022 Resistance/Recovery Techniques
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