Robert You

Resident Faculty


Robert G. You was born in Beijing, China. He started teaching drawing and painting at the age of 17. After receiving a diploma of art education from Beijing Teachers Training College, Robert came to the United States in 1985. He received a BA degree in studio art from Northeast Missouri State University, and obtained his MFA degree in sculpture and drawing from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

As an artist, Robert has been continuously exhibiting his work nationwide since the early 1990's, including solo shows at Scottsdale Center for the Arts, Sun Cities Art Museum in Arizona, Carnegie Arts Center in Kansas, L.J. Brown Gallery at Duke University, and CCB Gallery in North Carolina; and group shows at Kresge Art Museum in Florida, Miami University Art Museum in Ohio, Ackland Art Museum in North Carolina, The LAB in San Francisco, California, The Dahl Art Center in South Dakota, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art in Arizona, just to name a few.

Robert Started teaching at SCC in 1997 as an adjunct instructor, he became a residential faculty in 2000.


Course # Class Section Semester Course Title Course Syllabus
ART168 16773 Summer 2022 Painting II
ART267 16774 Summer 2022 Painting III
ART268 16775 Summer 2022 Painting IV
ART290AA 16777 Summer 2022 Studio Art
ART290AB 16778 Summer 2022 Studio Art
ART290PC 16776 Summer 2022 Studio Art: Painting
ART113 32153 Fall 2022 Color
ART168 31779 Fall 2022 Painting II
ART168 31781 Fall 2022 Painting II
ART267 31780 Fall 2022 Painting III
ART267 31782 Fall 2022 Painting III
ART268 31783 Fall 2022 Painting IV
ART268 31864 Fall 2022 Painting IV
ART290AA 31867 Fall 2022 Studio Art
ART290AA 31870 Fall 2022 Studio Art
ART290AB 31866 Fall 2022 Studio Art
ART290AB 31868 Fall 2022 Studio Art
ART290PC 32353 Fall 2022 Studio Art: Painting
ART290PC 32354 Fall 2022 Studio Art: Painting
ART110 25453 Spring 2023 Experimental Chinese Painting
ART111 24973 Spring 2023 Drawing I
ART122 25420 Spring 2023 Drawing & Composition II
ART168 24987 Spring 2023 Painting II
ART168 24992 Spring 2023 Painting II
ART211 25422 Spring 2023 Drawing & Composition III
ART222 25421 Spring 2023 Drawing & Composition IV
ART267 24988 Spring 2023 Painting III
ART267 24993 Spring 2023 Painting III
ART268 24989 Spring 2023 Painting IV
ART268 24994 Spring 2023 Painting IV
ART290AA 25032 Spring 2023 Studio Art
ART290AA 25379 Spring 2023 Studio Art
ART290AB 25381 Spring 2023 Studio Art
ART290AB 25382 Spring 2023 Studio Art
ART290BC 25491 Spring 2023 Studio Art: Drawing
ART290PC 25498 Spring 2023 Studio Art: Painting
ART290PC 25499 Spring 2023 Studio Art: Painting
ART290PC 18106 Summer 2022 Studio Art: Painting
Robert You
Contact 480/423-6340
Location AB114