Richard Kaye

Richard Kaye
Adjunct Faculty
Richard Kaye



Adjunct Instructor Richard Kaye grew up in Milwaukee, WI. In 1982 he graduated with a B.A. Degree in Criminal Justice from Carroll College in Waukesha, WI. Richard was employed with the United States Marshals Service from 1983 thru 2015, serving in the capacity of deputy, inspector, senior inspector, academy instructor, supervisory inspector, and acting chief. Richard started work with the marshals in the Eastern District of WI, headquartered in Milwaukee (1983988). From there Richard took an assignment in Phoenix, AZ (1988015). During his time in Phoenix, Richard worked numerous temporary duty assignments through out the United States, Europe, Caribbean, Central and South America. Richard currently substitute teaches through out the valley. In addition to being an adjunct, he attends guitar classes at SCC. Other then spending time with family and friends, Richard’s favorite pass times are playing the guitar and playing golf. Richard’s wife and youngest daughter are former Artichokes!


Spring 2024


Fall 2024

Serial Kill/Mass Murder