Maureen Smith

Maureen Smith
Adjunct Faculty
Applied Sciences
Maureen Smith



I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a few years after graduating from college, I was hired as a Forensic Technician at the State of Alaska Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory, located in my hometown of Anchorage, AK. During my time at the Anchorage lab, I was a member of the lab's crime scene response team and helped process crime scenes across the state.

In 2004, I was hired by the City of Mesa Forensic Services Laboratory as a Crime Scene Technician and was responsible for processing scenes across the city of Mesa. In 2006 I was promoted into the latent print unit and have been a Forensic Scientist analyzing fingerprints/latent prints since then. The lab later reinstated a footwear and tire track analysis unit, and I completed the training program for the two disciplines. I am now qualified to analyze latent prints, footwear and tire track evidence. In addition to working at the lab, I have taught forensic courses in Crime Scene Processing and Physical Evidence at Scottsdale Community College since 2008. 


Fall 2024

Eviden Tech: Fingerprints